Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion

Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion

Small scale anaerobic digestion for businesses with liquid bio waste streams

Clearfleau continues to explore innovative solutions for on-site digestion of liquid bio wastes. In addition to its larger plants, Clearfleau has developed a modular unit for businesses with lower volumes of processing residues and industrial effluents such as:

  • smaller dairies and cheesemakers
  • speciality and smaller food processors
  • micro breweries and smaller distilleries
  • industrial sites, including healthcare

The containerised Small Anaerobic Treatment Plant (SATP) is based on Clearfleau’s successful trials unit, that has been operating for over 3 years. This modular plant can handle liquid residues that contain sugars, oils and fats, plus reject product or ingredients. In the digester, these bio-degradable materials are efficiently broken down to optimise biogas output. This on-site digestion process will generate energy from a range of liquid bio wastes.

Financial Incentives from Biogas Production

The Small Anaerobic Treatment Plant will generate biogas that can be used on site and will qualify for the Feed-In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive (FIT and RHI) payments. The Phase 1 RHI pays 7.1p per kW for plants producing less than 200kW heat energy from a dedicated biogas boiler. On some sites a combined heat and power (CHP) unit may also be an option.

These small scale anaerobic treatment and renewable energy generation plants should provide a payback in less than six years. There is also the possibility of lease financing for the mobile units, making it affordable for the smaller food and beverage producers.

What is Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion?

The smaller size units will be designed to process up to 70 cubic metres per day, compared to the larger anaerobic digestion plants, which in most cases will treat over 200 cubic metres per day. Clearfleau will tailor the design of these units to the available residues.

The modular unit is shipped to site having been pre-assembled and tested off-site, to allow speedy installation and ensure that there is minimal disruption to the on-site production processes. It provides a wide range of businesses with the opportunity to reduce energy and treatment costs and their carbon footprint.

Clearfleau’s first small scale anaerobic digestion plant is to be located on a brewery site in Oxfordshire. This project received funding from the WRAP Driving Innovation in AD scheme, under a Government initiative to stimulate investment in innovative anaerobic digestion.

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Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion

Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion

Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion