Clearfleau's effluent treatment systems reduce the cost of treating liquid bio-wastes

Liquid Effluent Treatment

Reduce the cost of treating liquid bio-wastes

Effluent streams and disposal requirements vary considerably. Our experienced team designs custom-built, on-site treatment systems that facilitate the generation of renewable energy from liquid bio-waste while taking into account specific requirements and site priorities.

Clearfleau’s innovative high rate anaerobic digestion process is tailored to meet your on site circumstances, to reduce overall treatment costs, and maximise revenue. Digestion is a well established process for bio-waste treatment where micro-organisms that thrive in an oxygen-free environment convert suspended (volatile) solids into biogas. Key features of Clearfleau’s innovative approach include:

  • System Efficiency: Solids separation allows the hydraulic (liquid) retention time in the digester to be decoupled from solids retention - enhancing stability, biogas output and reducing digester volume.
  • Effective mixing:  this optimises waste contact with the anaerobic biomass, boosting digestion efficiency and limiting the impact of shock loads. 
  • Process Flexibility: the system can be adapted to different feedstocks, accept high organic loads, accommodate load variations, and minimise residual solids (reducing off-site disposal costs).
  • Water Recycling: residual effluent can be cleansed for re-use or watercourse discharge.
  • Piloting Option: using its small scale mobile plant Clearfleau allows clients to assess, on their own site, the effectiveness and viability of the core technology.

Clearfleau’s anaerobic treatment plants are robust, versatile and easy to install and operate. The advantages are:

  • Flexible installation:  modular design to suit the configuration of your site
  • Small footprint: will fit into a confined space to allow treatment on site
  • Energy demand: facilitate cost-effective treatment with minimal energy input
  • Biogas output: extended solids retention time boosts biogas production
  • Carbon footprint: compared with conventional treatment, reduced emissions

Clearfleau’s on-site treatment systems can include the following:

  • Solids Removal for suspended solids as well as oils, fats and grease
  • De-watering for residual bio-solids to reduce off-site haulage costs
  • Heat and Power generation of electricity (and surplus heat) from biogas


Liquid Effluent Treatment

Liquid Effluent Treatment

Liquid Effluent Treatment