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Generate revenue from your liquid bio waste

Clearfleau designs, builds and operates on-site treatment systems that facilitate the generation of renewable energy from liquid bio-waste in the brewing and drinks, dairy processing, food manufacturing, bio-fuels and other industrial sectors. Clearfleau’s systems will deliver a competitive advantage to your business, adding value to your liquid waste by feeding renewable energy (heat and power) back into the production facility.

Our systems include anaerobic digestion and other processes for effluent treatment, including solids and nutrient removal.  Digestion is a well established process for bio-waste treatment where micro-organisms that thrive in an oxygen-free environment convert suspended (volatile) solids into biogas. 

Cost effective digestion of solids suspended in liquid effluents is challenging due to levels of biomass concentration and the need to ensure good contact between the biomass and the anaerobic bacteria.  This is achieved in our anaerobic treatment plants with effective mixing and extended solids retention. 

Clearfleau’s high-rate Anaerobic Digestion process offers new options for effective liquid digestion. Our plants can be combined with other established technology to provide an innovative, cost effective and environmentally responsible approach to handling liquid bio-waste.    

Our experienced process design engineers make use of established components to optimise the cost savings on your site and we will adapt the design of the plant to your particular waste stream.

Clearfleau generates value and reduces your costs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

To find out more call us on 0844 477 6292.

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